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All about The Evangelical Christian Prayer Networks Services



The Evangelical Christian Prayer Networks Services is a Christian fellowship network that ministers across the globe and are affirmed to the Christian community. This network focuses on providing a safe place for praying Christians and bringing people together for a worship experience through annual conferences and a voice in the media. The Evangelical Christian networks believe in one God, the holy trinity, and salvation through the resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the Son of God.  The network is dedicated to catalyzing and awakening the world through transformational prayer mobilization to achieve the obligation of their great commitment.


They have a "Pray for all men" initiative which is done through a planned partnership with churches, individual, families, and in denominational levels. Their passion belongs to God as they give their hearts, might, and minds to service for His glory in Christ Jesus. The true mark of the network is prayer. They believe that a life of a believer is marked by Christian prayer network and ought to be a transformational one. Prayer is the origin of direction, power, grace, and through it, the face and hand of God is purely sought.


The network believes that through sharing the word of God, they can get a lens for interpretation of the world they live in.  They teach that church should not be only a place of worship, but it should be a mission.  This means that it should be a center where ministry flows to the unreached.  The Evangelical Christian networks know that the globe is organized by ethnic bonds and tribal bonds. This means that have to create one tribe which is professional so that they can preach and pray for everyone regardless of their nation, tribe or tongue. This is their critical perspective as God loves all people and want all men to be saved.


The prayer warriors network believes in one man, one woman, and children as this are the basic building block of any community, be it faith or nation. This is because it is similar to the Holy Trinity that is made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The great commission is not an option to the evangelical networks but God's command. That is why they initiate as many people as possible for the sake of Lord's Kingdoms.


They have missionary works which mean traveling to different nations of the world. This is made possible by members' contribution and well-wishers' contribution. The mission provides medical, education, and food stuffs to the needy around the world.  In case you may want to support the network, please visit the church near you for more information. To read more about Evangelical Christian Prayer services, just go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prayer#Approaches_to_prayer.